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Julius Lamarr De Loatche was born on the morning of August 10th, 1988 in Greeneville, Kentucky. Julius was a very jolly baby who liked to play and have fun. He brought joy and much happiness to the De Loatche family.

Julius was just turning 18-months old when the family moved to Peoria, IL. Julius was a very alert and gifted child and at a very tender age began to display the patented De Loatche warmth, smile, and charm. Julius attended pre-school at Common Place of Peoria and first grade at Irvin Grade School. The family decided it would be better to attend private school, so in 1995 Julius was enrolled in Christ Lutheran School. While attending Lutheran; Julius was inspired by his Cousin, Chris Whitney of the Washington Wizards, to play basketball. Attending Christ Lutheran School and breathing a dream of playing in the NBA, Julius practiced long and hard at attaining his dream. Julius was considerably smaller than most of the other team mates, but what Julius lacked in stature he made up for in spirit. Julius De Loatche had the heart of a lion for he was fearless and had the drive to succeed, and the speed of a jaguar moving quicking on and off the court in attempts to accomplish all of his adolescent goals. Many nights Julius could be found only at the local basketball court shooting hoops by himself until dark.

Julius was a truly loving child, he loved his family, friends, classmates, team mates, and God. Church was one of Julius’s excitements, allowing him to play the trombone and sing with his class during the worship services at Christ Lutheran School. Although Julius passed from this life as the result of a tragic fire at the family home on March 3, 1999, we know that Julius' spirit is extremely happy today, knowing that so many of people including family, friends, local businesses, and participants have cared so much to dedicate this special basketball camp which bears his name and his memory, forever.

Although Julius is not physically with us, his spirit is alive and lives within the heart of all of us. His life has touched thousands of people in a very positive way. I truly believe that the world is a whole lot better because of Julius.

The De Loatche Family thanks everyone from the bottom of our hearts for the care and love you continue to share.